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Style Solutions

Exclusive to Bunnings Stores in VIC, NSW, ACT, SA and WA.

The STYLE SOLUTIONS range is a collection of ornamental shrubs and perennials which are reliable and easy to grow making landscaping choices easier for the home gardener. Each variety has a dedicated page of information highlighting features, uses, growing and care instructions in clear, easy to understand terms. Creating your own garden style is easier than you think with a wide range of form, colour and texture - begin right here for some inspiration!

This site also incorporates theLavender Patch® RangeAnother Bunnings exclusive.

Spring 2015 feature
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Spring Flowers

featured plant - Convolvulus Two Moons

Two Moons

Funnel-shaped flowers

Retaining walls

Dry tolerant

featured plant - Helichrysum Icicles


Aromatic foliage

Compact habit

Low hedging

featured plant - Knautia Egyptian Rose

Egyptian Rose

Pin-cushion style flowers

Attracts butterflies

Floral arrangements

featured plant - Lampranthus Pink Explosion

Pink Explosion

Summer displays

Ground cover

Easy to grow

featured plant - Sedum Silver Blob

Silver Blob

Cushion-like mounds

Small spaces

Low maintenance

featured plant - Tulbaghia Fairy Star

Fairy Star

Long flowering


Cottage gardens